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Landscape design is often considered as a field of design and art all in its own category.”

– Federico Calderon

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Landscaping Care and maintenance

Also known as groundskeeping. Like its name implies, it is simply the act of taking care of a landscape and keeping it in good condition

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landscape design and contractor

Mixes culture and nature so as to produce an optimized and visually appealing outdoor space and could either be meant for aesthetic or practical purposes

Landscape Design and Contractor


Landscape architecture deals with the design of outdoor services like landmarks, sculptures and other structures whose aim is to be environmentally, socially and visually appealing to the public eye. Landscape architecture is one that involves a lot of work and research as it does not just end at the physical aspect of the structure to be built.

Lawn mowing & maintenance

Lawns are first of all meant to be aesthetically pleasing, so the first and most important thing would be making the choice of the grass you want. When you make this choice, then you can move on to the next step: care

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Landscaping has been existent for more 6,000 years now, and is said to have origins even before Ancient Egypt and the Great Roman Empire. It also had a huge role to play during the Renaissance Period. Landscaping has been used as a way to determine the social development and cultural values of particular societies. In every community, landscaping had a particular imprint, whether social or cultural. For different peoples and cultures, certain landscapes could mean a large variety of things, even though generally, nature is seen as soothing and peaceful; a way to take your mind off your problems or issues.

Ironically enough, landscaping was not just meant for aesthetic purposes. Not at all. Through landscapes, whether elaborate or not, you could say a lot about a culture. This because landscaping was done most times with a much more spiritual or personal angle. 

As time went on, landscaping adopted an aesthetic feel. More and more, you saw landscapes that were not meant to appeal to any spiritual senses. These ones were just meant to be admired, to impress people. Clear examples of this are the elaborate villas and beautiful outdoor piazzas in Renaissance Italy. Another example is the Versailles Gardens and the Vaux-le-Vicomte, designed by Andre le Notre in 17th century France.

Contrary to what a lot of people might think, landscaping isn’t just about gardening, flowers and all of that beautiful stuff. It is a lot more than that. Landscaping is often defined as “any activity that involves the modification of clear features of an area of land.” This modification could be done to living elements of the land like flowers, plants, trees and shrubs. It could also be done at the level of natural elements like bodies of water, terrain and landforms. Finally, landscaping could modify abstract elements like weather and lighting.

No two regions can have the exact type of landscaping. This is because when it comes to landscaping, the type of land in question matters. Actually, before starting a landscaping project, there are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration. You have natural elements like the soil quality, the topography, the winds and many more that would come into play. Also, the nature of the plants in a particular region needs to be taken into consideration. So, landscaping would require you to master biology, chemistry and geography.

When we talk about a landscaping project, you have different types involved. Landscaping is an extensive process it goes well beyond just gardening or planting. Sometimes, the entire landscaping project can span over months. Let’s talk about all the diverse services that are included in the mother term landscaping.

Types of Landscaping Services

When a lot of people think of the word landscaping, the first thing that would come to mind is gardening, lawn-mowing and at the very least, sprinkling and weeding. Landscaping is a lot more than that. It is a series of processes and services. Just one landscaping project could even take up to months to get completed. Shocking, right? Under landscaping, you have 

  • Landscape design/ contracting services

  • Lawn mowing and maintenance

  • Landscape architecture services

  • Sprinklers system

  • Weeding or fertilizer 

  • Landscaping care and maintenance services

 We will go into depth and talk about each of these services.

Landscape Design/ Contracting Services

Landscape design is often considered as a field of design and art all in its own category. This type of design, practiced by landscape designers, is one that mixes culture and nature to come up with beautiful designs. In a more modern world, landscape design is one that mixes culture and nature so as to produce an optimized and visually appealing outdoor space. Landscape designing could either be meant for aesthetic or practical purposes. 

Landscape design is actually very broad. This is because this field is not limited at all. It deals with landscape planning and also with garden design. Words that define this field would be horticulture, aesthetics, practicality and environmental sustainability. A lot of landscape designers have to collaborate with experts in fields like landscape contracting, civil engineering, architecture and surveying.

Most times, landscape design is divided into two main parts. They are softscaping and hardscaping. It is not very difficult to differentiate between these two as they have distinct functions and definitions. 

Softscaping in landscape englobes the living elements of the landscape to be modified. These include flowers, flowerbeds, trees, shrubs and plants. Usually, this would involve activities like weeding, planting, trimming, mowing, spraying, digging, aerating and so much more. The processes involved in Softscaping would need tools like wheelbarrows, shovels, picks and rakes. Softscaping aims to create a particular ambience that would suit the customer and give some character to the work in progress.

Hardscaping is a direct contrast of Softscaping. As you might have already guessed, hardscaping has to do with non living elements. Like its name states, it deals with the hard elements. Basically, this type of landscape designing has a lot to do with built structures can be incorporated into a landscape. So, you would find pavements, stairs, walkways, drive ways and other paved areas. Hardscapers have to make sure that all the finished products are water absorbent, so that heavy rainfall or snow will not be a problem, and that the yard stays clean, not muddy and messy.

Landscape and landscaping design should not be confused. Though the latter is a type of landscape service, it is much more broad and needs a lot of expertise. Landscape as opposed to landscape designing cannot easily be mastered by DIYers. It is possible, yes. But for a landscape design to be completely successful, you will need the expertise of a well-trained landscape designer.

Even though landscape design can get technical, it is much more of an art than a science. No one denies the fact that hardscape projects like walkways and driveways are meant for practical reason. But the aesthetic part counts a whole lot too. No one wants an ugly staircase in front or in their house. So, a landscape designer should have an artistic and sophisticated eye so as to use his/her horticultural skills and impress the clients.

Lawn Mowing and Maintenance

Before talking about lawn mowing and the services attached to it, we’ll talk about the lawns. A lawn is an area of soil that is planted with grasses and sometimes other plants. These lawns are most often maintained to very short lengths. Lawns are first of all meant to be aesthetically pleasing, so the first and most important thing would be making the choice of the grass you want. When you make this choice, then you can move on to the next step; care. Actually, in some places, you have laws surrounding the maintenance of lawns. For example, in places where there are water shortages, the government has passed laws so as to limit the use of water on lawns.

Lets get to the nitty gritty of all this. Lawn mowing and maintenance. We bet that the first thing that some of you thought of when you saw the topic was the teenage boy next door who mows your lawn for $20. But that is not all about lawn mowing. 

It is very important to know your lawn before mowing it, or better yet calling in a lawn mowing service. Your lawn needs to be healthy for it to keep that beautiful green sheen. The way you mow your lawn will define how healthy it will get later. If you decide to mow your lawn yourself, then the most important thing to take into consideration would be the lawn mover you are going to be using. You need to make sure that it of great quality and that its blades are sharp. 

The next thing that is very important in lawn mowing and care is the times for mowing. When you want to mow, or when you want to contact a lawn mowing service, make sure that your lawn is dry. Mowing wet grass is not going to cause any major problems. But if you want to achieve that clean look that you see on pictures and videos, it would be better to mow on dry grass. Also, mowing on wet grass (if you are a DIYer) could actually be harmful to your lawn mower over time, as it makes the blade blunt.

Now, you might be a DIYer but there are a couple of things that come after lawn mowing. Contrary to what most people thinK, lawn maintenance does not end just there. If you want a lawn that looks healthy and is healthy, then you will have to pay the price. You have processes like weed control; clean edging, and core aeration that come after the mowing part. For this, you will most probably have to get in contact with a profession lawn maintenance service. Make sure to do it seasonally so that your lawn can stay healthy for as long as possible.

Landscape Architecture Services

Another type of landscaping service is landscape architecture and it is just as important as the others. Landscape architecture deals with the design of outdoor services like landmarks, sculptures and other structures whose aim is to be environmentally, socially and visually appealing to the public eye. Landscape architecture is one that involves a lot of work and research as it does not just end at the physical aspect of the structure to be built. To create a structure that is socially correct and acceptable, one must make research concerning the soil of the land and all the social and ecological characteristics of that land.

One thing about landscape architecture is that, just like landscape design, it deals with multiple fields like ecology, geography, environmental psychology, civil engineering, architecture, botany, fine arts and horticulture.The projects under landscape architecture could range from extremely large scale to small. You could have a project like a municipal park, a corporate park or even a public parkway. 

Landscape architecture does not only involve building. It involves the rebuilding and remodeling of older landmarks. It could be to make them more modern, or to repair landscapes that were damaged. 

Even though landscape architecture is often confused with landscape design, they are two different things. Landscape design involves projects that are more on a smaller scale. Landscape architecture is much more big. Even if you could have small projects, this one deals much more with hardscaping. Both fields need each other and actually involve each other. 

Sprinklers System

Sprinklers are an important part of landscaping. These ones are very important in lawn maintenance. They are also called irrigation sprinklers, water sprinklers or just sprinklers. These ones could be used in two ways. Either on an industrial scale or on a personal scale. Sprinklers are used in golf lawns, home lawns or even to water crops. But that is not all they are used for. They could also be used to control airborne dust. 

A sprinkler system works in the same way like rainfall, spraying water everywhere so as to touch the whole area. Depending on who you contact to set up the sprinklers system, the water is distributed through a controlled “system”. It could be through pipes, sprinklers or valves. 

When you want to choose your sprinkler system, there are three things that you need to take into consideration. The cost, the efficiency and the convenience. When you know all this, then you can move on to your choice. Something that might help you in your choice is the type of landscape design that you have in mind. The type of grass and flowers you have in your lawn will affect your choice. Make sure that your choice is one that will not waste water unnecessarily. 

There are three main types of irrigation sprinklers systems. You have the drip irrigation sprinklers system. As time goes on, this type of sprinkler system is getting really popular. This is because out of all the types of systems used, this one is the most water saving. And the conservation of water is always a good thing. Like the name implies, this system gets water slowly into the ground, mostly where the plants are. As a result of this, the water is absorbed. If you have flowers or flower beds, this sprinkler system would be the best for you.

The next time of irrigation sprinkler is the spray sprinkler system. This system is one of the most used sprinkler systems. The spray heads that this one makes use of are either just above ground level or at ground level. Or, they could just pop up from the ground whenever you want to use them. You have your choice of spray heads, with different patterns and shapes. This type of irrigation sprinkler system is best for level areas like your garden lawn. It could also be used for flower beds and shrubs. 

The last most common type of irrigation sprinkler system is the rotor sprinkler system. This one is very similar to the one we just spoke about. But the only difference is that this one is used for large areas. The spray head is rotating so the soil absorbs the water slowly. It is perfect for large areas like golf lawns.

Before choosing a sprinkler system, make sure you know about which one would be most suitable for you, considering your landscape design and lawn type.

Weeding or Fertilizer

Sometimes, weeding and fertilizing is simply shortened to weeding. This is part of lawn maintenance and care. Even though the modern lawn is very resilient, you have a couple of things that could actually mess it up. It is very important to care for your landscape, be it the lawn, flowers or others. And that is why weeding and fertilizing are very important. 

Let’s talk about the lawn first. Of course mowing is very important. But it is not the only important thing. But if weeds attack it and you don’t do anything to remedy to the situation, in the end, you are only killing your lawn. Lawns are sensitive sometimes and weeds are deadly. Their presence can end of thinning out your lawn. Imagine all the hard work you put in just going in vain. So make sure that you get the weeds out just as much as you mow the excess grass out.

Now we move on to other parts of the landscape. Flowers by nature are sensitive plants. They need nurturing to grow. And part of that nurturing would be to get rid of anything that is a potential threat to them. So it is very important to recognize when the weed is in and to get rid of it, because their presence is harmful. Letting them stay for too long is letting your beautiful plants get destroyed. 

Another thing is fertilizing. Fertilizing is very important. Do you want a thick and fresh lawn? One that is entirely uniform? Then fertilizing is key. Using food fertilizers can actually boost your lawn go its full potential. We would actually advise you to contact a completely professional weeding and fertilizing service company. They would know what exactly to use and when to use it so that your landscape remains as beautiful as ever. 

Landscaping Care and Maintenance Services

Landscape care is also known as groundskeeping. Like its name implies, it is simply the act of taking care of a landscape, no matter which and keeping it in good condition. Landscape care will englobe lawn care and weeding and fertilizing. But that is not all. There is so much more to this. 

Contrary to what some people might think, groundskeeping is not just constrained to weed removal and fertilizing. Keeping the driveway free from snow, for example, is also part of landscape care and maintenance. It is a very important step because when a landscape is not given proper care, it eventually dies or decomposes. 

Groundskeeping to some extent requires expertise. You will need some skill to take care of certain landscape. Which is why you would see people hiring professional groundskeepers. It may include, but is not limited to driveway and path maintenance, shrub pruning, topiary, lighting, fencing, swimming pool care, runoff drainage, and irrigation, and other jobs for protecting and improving the topsoil, plants, and garden accessories.

This definitely not something to neglect as some landscapes cost a lot of money. And not caring for them enough will lead to them dying, or losing their initial spark and shine.

Gardening versus Landscaping

In a lot of cases, you would see people interchangeably using the words landscaping and gardening. Though they are very similar to each other, there are slight differences that would come about. 

Both gardening and landscaping services would involve working on elements of nature so as to bring about aesthetically pleasing results. But there is a very thin line that separates them. Some people might say gardening is a type of landscaping. Professional gardeners though might disagree.

Landscaping like we already stated involves both the living and nonliving aspects of the landscape in question. So yes, planting is part of landscaping but so is building a driveway. 

Gardening in the other hand involved strictly the living elements of a particular environment. A gardener doesn’t have to bother themselves about designing bench or a parkway. The plants, flowers and shrubs are all that matter to them. 

While landscaping might be short term, gardening is not. A gardener will have to come back periodically (very frequently actually) so as to check on his/her garden and tend to it. 

Also, a gardener will be the one who would execute all the plans that a landscape designer would plan. So while these two are very closely related, they are also slightly different. There exists a thin line between both. This line is sometimes blurred but for the most part, both gardening and landscaping retain their individual properties.


Landscaping is an entire world on its own. If you are not ready for it, especially as a DIYer, it might not be advisable to get into it. If you do get into it, be it as a client or as a participant, make sure that you keep you landscape clean and always taken care of so as for it to keep its original shape.